There is one thing that mountain climbers from all over the world often come face to face with, and that thing is called mountain sickness. Mountain sickness can slow down your trip significantly, and on top of that it can also be pretty dangerous for your physical health. So, what is actually a mountain sickness?

Apart from calling it the mountain sickness, many people also call it the altitude sickness. One of its professional names is the Acute Mountain Sickness. Okay, now that we got the basics out of the way, let’s focus on some more advanced stuff, shall we?

What You Need To Know About This Sickness
Mountain sickness is usually a pretty dangerous sickness, and because of that, it is in your best interest to always do your best to avoid it. That being said, a little bit of knowledge on this sickness prior to climbing a mountain can mean the difference between a great mountain-climbing adventure and a nasty experience that you want to forget about as soon as possible. When it comes to mountain sickness, one of the most important things that you need to know is that sickness and headache at high altitude levels should be considered the altitude sickness until proven otherwise by medical professionals.

Different Levels of Altitude
There are three different altitude levels out there – high altitude, very high altitude, and extreme altitude. We are now going to briefly explain each one of these three altitude levels to you. High altitude is anything from 4,950ft to 11,500ft. Climbing up to these heights could result in increased breathing rates, as well as decreased exercising performance.

Very high altitude is anything from 11,500ft to 18,050ft. If you are dealing with any major health issues, then you should never climb this high. Remember, your health is your biggest priority when it comes to traveling. And when it comes to extreme altitude, it is anything that is above 18,050ft. It is pretty much impossible for your body to get used to these heights, which is why you shouldn’t stay up there for too long.

The Best Way To Treat Mountain Sickness
The best way to treat this nasty sickness is to start climbing down as soon as you notice the symptoms. If you ever happen to be climbing up a mountain, and you start feeling dizzy mid-way, you should start climbing down right away. After all, you want to be closer to civilization in case anything bad happens to you on the mountain, don’t you?

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